Grain transportation Ukraine

Export of agricultural products through the grain corridor increased by 94% last week, according to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority. During the said period, 739.9 thousand tons of grain were exported through the country’s seaports, which is 63.6 thousand tons more than the previous week.

The largest export volume was recorded at the seaport of Mykolaiv, which handled 262.6 thousand tons of grain. The seaports of Odessa, Chornomorsk, and Yuzhny also showed significant increases in grain export volume. The report further stated that the export of bulk cargo through Ukrainian seaports increased by 5.8% during the same period, with over 1.6 million tons of cargo handled.

Ukrainian products went to the countries of Asia (China, Turkey, Japan and others), Europe (Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and others) and Africa (Yemen, Kenya, Egypt and others).

A total of 23.3 million tons of agricultural products were exported from the ports of Great Odessa to the countries of Africa, Asia and Europe since the start of the grain corridor as of March 5.

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