Ust-Danube seaport

The Ust-Danube seaport in the Odessa region of Ukraine has been sold for UAH 201 million. The new owners are a company called “Elyksyr Ukraine”. The auction for the port took place on January 17, 2023.

The Ust-Danube port, located on the Danube River, has been in operation since 1973. It is the only seaport in Ukraine that is located on the Danube River, making it an important hub for river transportation. The port has a total area of 35.5 hectares and can accommodate up to 28 vessels at once. Its main cargoes are agricultural products, oil, and chemical goods.

The sale of the Ust-Danube port is part of the Ukrainian government’s plan to privatize state-owned assets and attract investment into the country. The port was sold as a part of the State Property Fund’s auction, which aims to raise funds for the Ukrainian budget.

In addition to paying for the lot and VAT, the buyer will have to invest a lot in the restoration and renovation of the port’s logistics facilities.

Oleksandr Slavsky

The successful bidder, LLC “Elyksyr Ukraine” is engaged in the wholesale of agricultural products, intermediary activities in animal husbandry, the sale of textile raw materials, grain, tobacco and other agricultural products. The acquisition will benefit both the Ukrainian economy and the new owners of the port, who will have the opportunity to expand their operations and strengthen their position in the market.

The sale of the Ust-Dunaysk port is expected to have a positive impact on the Ukrainian economy, as it will attract more investment and create new job opportunities. The port’s new owners will be responsible for its development and modernization, which will increase its capacity and efficiency.

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